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Tremendous Show
The Spectator
A rare treat...everything about this show is so good!
Theatre Reviews
A strong story, supporting stunning songs, brilliantly performed and all expertly directed
Jonathan Baz Reviews
As musical theatre goes, it doesn’t get more joyous or life-affirming than Rehab The Musical.
The Recs
A wildly-funny musical about a very serious issue, Rehab the Musical deals with the subject of mental health, fame and addiction, with warmth, compassion, humour and heart.
It’s 1999 and jaded 26 year old pop star, Kid Pop, finds himself in court, after being caught red-handed in a drug fuelled tabloid sting. An understanding judge gives Kid the choice between jail time or a rehabilitation centre for six weeks. It’s a no-brainer for Kid: rehab will be a holiday. But how could he have got it so wrong?

Balancing comedy with the heart-breaking truth that the drugs don’t work, Rehab the Musical will sweep you up on an emotional journey with a stunning musical score that brilliantly accompanies a timeless and universal story about striving to change our lives for the better, and that just for today, we'll be ok.

Starring Keith Allen, Christian Maynard, Mica Paris, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Jodie Steele, John Barr, Oscar Conlon-Morrey, Simon Shorten, Rebecca Thornhill, Carly Burns, Ben Mabberley and Lucy Sinclair, this is the must-see show of 2024.

One of those rare finds in the world of new musical theatre
Jonathan Baz
Every song is superb
The Recs
The entertainment factor is what drives this show with its irresistible force!
The Spy In The Stalls

Rehab The Musical has quite definitely tapped into … A moment. In the United Kingdom, over a quarter of a million of people are in contact with drug and alcohol services every single year. Between April 2020 and March 2021 over 130,000 people actively entered treatment for addiction. And, of course, that’s hardly the tip of the iceberg, considering the millions of people in the UK – and throughout the world - that access online therapy services on a regular basis.

Dark, right? Except Rehab The Musical is anything but! Darkly comic – perhaps - but with deeply sympathetic characters, Rehab The Musical takes its audience on an emotional, thought-provoking journey, that’s nothing less than a social statement on addiction, and the devastating impact it has on people of all ages, genders and backgrounds.

This is a story that deserves to be told, with a message of hope and redemption that has the power to move and change a generation held in the grip of the post-pandemic mental health emergency. Sorry, that was dark again - it's actually a rom-com and you are about to fall deeply in love with – and laugh your socks off at – the craziest, most-heartbreaking show to hit the West End in years.

Did we mention it is funny?